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1.In 1977 , Mr Wu Liangguang established Yonglin Teaching Equipment Factory , and made the first small round trampoline in China.
2.In 2003, we changed the name as Wenzhou Liangguang Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd, and registered the first trampoline brand “Liangguang”, at the same time we did introduced the foreign technology to make the first adults trampoline in China, and exported the four in one , six in one trampoline to the USA and Europe.
3.From 2003-2004, we were audited A credit enterprise by Postal Savings Bank of China.
4.In 2005, we extended our production scale, and we moved our factory from Butou village to Jingyang village, and also changed our name to Wenzhou Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.
5.In 2005, we got award of double guarantee for quality and credit enterprises from CQGC
6.In the beginning of 2005 , we took about one month to build the first trampoline park under the guidance of the customer’s engineer from the USA, and exported it to the Miami, and that park is still under operation.
7.In 2008, our trampoline, bungee trampoline, trampoline park, gyroscope passed the CE test and got the certificates.
8.In 2009 , we used the 80*40MM galvanized frame to make the big trampoline and exported to Australia by self - developed and design.
9.From 2009-2013, Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Amusement supplied total 70% trampoline park of Australian market.
10.In 2013, Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Amusement improved the technology and materials and used the 100*50MM frame to make the trampoline, and introduced the ATPA standard to make the first foam pit .
11.In 2014, due to the continuous expansion of production capacity , we moved to Qiaoxia town and changed the name as Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd , and increase in registered capital from 5 million RMB to 58 million RMB, and got a lot of design and utility patent for our trampoline , bungee products.
12.By the end of 2014, Xiaofeixia Amusement built the first trampoline park in Guangzhou , China, then opened the business gate of trampoline park for domestic market.
13.In 2015, Xiaofeixia Amusement passed the ISO9001:2008
14.From 2015, Xiaofeixia started to take participate in many international amusement equipment shows all around the world, and become the authorized member and supplier of IAAPA, EAS, DEAL, ATRAX,etc.
15.In 2015, Xiaofeixia Amusement built the biggest trampoline park in China, called Jump360, now they have two park, one is 5000 square meters and another one is 4000 square meters.
16.In 2015, Xiaofeixia Amusement passed the test by TUV european standard and ASTM standard for trampoline park and got the certificates , and also confirmed the structure and materials with TUV , which was 80*80MM frame.
17.In 2016, Xiaofeixia Amusement got an award of Ten High growth Enterprises of Wenzhou Teaching and Toys industry, also become the vice president of Wenzhou Teaching and Toy Association.
18.In 2016, Xiaofeixia Amusement invited Mr Liu Qipeng, who is the world champion for trampoline , to be our spokesman, and we are the first and only one who have the spokesman in the whole teaching toy and amusement equipment industry.
19.In 2016, Xiaofeixia Amusement got an award of Manufacturing Excellence&Innovation for trampoline park.
20.From 2008 - 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement became the BQS manufacturer and supplier of Alibaba, and got title of Golden Goods Enterprises.
21.In 2017, due to the high quality of trampoline, Xiaofeixia Amusement was chose to be the sponsor of China Trampoline Championship Competition , and we become the official sponsor for the national trampoline event.
22.In 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement cooperated with TUV to make the Chinese trampoline park standard, and got the first CHINAMARK certificate.
23.In 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement got “star of Start - ups ”award by government , and we are the first and only one who got this kind title in amusement equipment filed.
24.In November , 2017, Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd upgraded to Xiaofeixia Amusement Equipment Group Co.,Ltd.
25.In December, 2017, Mr Wu Guanwu, the CEO of Xiaofeixia (SVIYA) Group got an award of Youth Entrepreneurial Roal Model .


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