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Swordsman after-sale service promise
Warranty Ordinance: our company has six months' free maintenance and repair for all sales and installation products as follows:
Trampoline part:
1. main frame: Warranty five years, any non-human damage, during the warranty period, we provide free maintenance and replacement, the situation is serious, the company will appoint professional staff at the maximum of no more than 72 hours to site treatment.
2. trampoline net surface: two years of quality assurance, if the damage occurred within two years, we will change the Department free of charge, but we need customers to provide damaged photos, because we also have to provide to our foreign manufacturers, they will send the corresponding materials to us in the next delivery.
3. sponge pads: a year of quality assurance
4. spring: 3 months (the warranty is a quality problem for a spring having a defective or fractured spring. If the spring is loose or the elasticity is weakened, we do not undertake the warranty, and the shipment will send more than 1% of the quantity).

Naughty castle
1. main frame and accessories: a year of quality assurance
2. soft package and software: quality guarantee for one year, free replacement within one year.
3. electronic equipment: a year of quality assurance.
Other parts
Our company will give corresponding maintenance and repair according to the specific circumstances.

Non warranty
1. failure caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena during the warranty period;
2. the normal wear or loss of the product during the warranty period;
3. all products beyond the warranty period.
4. alteration of equipment structure or use without authorization

1. when the warranty expires, our company can provide maintenance services and charge them appropriately.
2. if the product is damaged, please provide the corresponding picture or video information to us. At the same time, please specify the situation. We can arrange the replacement or repair according to the situation.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your trust and support for Peter Pan's play.
Global service hotline: 0086-0577-66978777



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